Retail & Commercial Leasing Lawyer, Solicitor.

Leasing a premises / shop / office is an important legal decision, whether you are a new tenant, landlord or a current tenant. Generally Owners & Tenants alike do not understand how complex a retail lease can be and how it can be fraught with legal issues. A retail lease can have far-reaching implications. The Retail Leases Act in New South Wales has also undergone some major changes, which impact on the negotiation and drafting of leases for retail businesses. Retail leases are treated differently to other commercial leases and are covered by a set of statutory rules that you must to adhered to. Conveyancing North Sydney's experienced team assists in the negotiation & drafting of your lease, & help you understand your rights and obligations under that lease. You will need expert legal advice so the occupancy agreements meet your commercial goals & your expectations are in the best interests of your business.


Conveyancing North Sydney's lease service includes:

  • Advising you on your Heads Of Agreement including your letter of offer.
  • Drafting & negotiating lease agreements.
  • Varying or surrendering your lease.
  • Enforcing the terms and conditions of your lease.
  • Disputes you may have with your landlord or tenant.


Retail Leases Act, as at 1 July 2018 - Act 46 of 1994

Conveyancing North Sydney leasing


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